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How to create an Accounts.csv file

An Accounts.csv file is a table-file, which contains links to the accounts of your company in the popular social networks.

In order to start filling this file for your database, please download the template, by pressing the link below:

Download the template of the Accounts.csv file

Example of filling of the file

Open this file on your computer with Microsoft Office Excel or OpenOffice Calc. File encoding - UTF-8, separator - comma.

The file consists of three columns:

1. First column "№" - simple sequence number of the line with an account in a social network in this table.

2. Second column "Social network name" - name (title) of the particular social network.

3. Third column "Links" - link to the page of your company is a social network.

There are 6 lines in the Accounts.csv file, which may contain links:

1) line number 1 in the "Links" column - link to the Facebook page

2) line number 2 in the "Links" column - link to the Twitter page

3) line number 3 in the "Links" column - link to the page in "vKontakte" (popular Russian social network)

4) line number 4 in the "Links" column - link to the Instagram page

5) line number 5 in the "Links" column - link to the Google+ page

6) line number 6 in the "Links" column - link to the page in "Odnoklassniki" (popular Russian social network)

Links to your pages in social networks will be displayed on the "Contacts" page and can be opened directly from the application if a user taps the corresponding button:

Please pay attention! Links to the pages in social networks should appear in the file in this exact order. If your company does not have a page in one or several of the specified networks, just leave the cell blank.

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