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How to create a Trademarks.csv file

The Trademarks.csv file is the table file that contains the description of all product trademarks, which are presented in your catalogue. Please pay attention! The file must contain only the descriptions of the PRODUCT TRADEMARKS. Descriptions of groups of products, collections, as well as the properties of the products themselves would be contained in the other files.

In order to start filling this file for your database, please download the template, by pressing the link below:

Download the template of the Trademarks.csv file

Example of filling of the file

Open this file on your computer with Microsoft Office Excel or OpenOffice Calc. File encoding - UTF-8, separator - comma.

Please define which and how many product trademarks will be in your catalogue. For each trademark you need to complete a separate line in the Trademarks.csv file. ATTENTION! This file ONE for the entire database. It must include ALL trademarks from ALL groups of projects.

The file consists of four columns:

1. First column "Group" - the name of the group of products (or services). ATTENTION! The name in the "Group" column must be exactly the same as the name of this group in the Group.csv file, "Group Name" column. If these names will vary, for example, even by containing one extra space at the end of the word or a single punctuation mark, the application will consider them to be different groups of products.

2. Second column "Trademark" - the name of the trademarks of products (or services). This name will be displayed in the application on the catalogue page as the name of the corresponding trademark of products (or services) :

3. Third column "Description of a trademark" contains the text description of this trademark. This description will be displayed in the application on the page of the trademark:

For more convenient editing and formatting of the trademark's description we recommend that you first create this description in any text editor, and then simply copy and paste it in the desired cell in the table of your Group.csv file.

4. Fourth column "Link" is the link to the graphic file in the JPG or PNG format, which will be displayed as an icon of the trademark in the application and on the page of the catalogue:

ATTENTION! If you specify the full link to the file, like: "", the application will take the file, specified by the link at the place of its location. If the cell will contain only the name, like "filename.jpg", the application will search for the file in the same folder, where the "Trademarks.csv" file is located itself.

After you fill all these 4 columns for all your trademarks of all product groups, you get the ready to use Trademarks.csv file. Save it in a folder on your hosting. Please ensure that it has a read access by a direct link. In order to do so, enter the link like the one below into your browser: "".

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