Unicat.Online - the application for your catalogs


Your catalogue of products or services in the form of an iPad and iPhone application.

 Easy. Simple. Convenient. Free.

Would you like

to have a catalogue with your products or services as an iPad or iPhone application?


With product pictures, adjustable parameters of such products, and their advanced search? With a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface? With an updatable database? With an easy database management, without the help of any programmers? Easy to an extent that any product would be added, modified or removed within several minutes? With the feature of showing similar or joint products for each particular product? Showing the list of previously viewed products? Providing the opportunity to get customer inquiries on the availability of particular products in stock via the app?

You'd definitely like to, wouldn't you? But!
But you believe that it would be expensive for you? But you don't have any time, ability or money to create such an app? But you don't know how it should be created? But you aren't confident that you would succeed in it? Just keep calm!









All this has already been done and is available to you! Such an application already exists! Create your catalogue of products or services as an iPad and iPhone application! Absolutely for free and for ever using the application UniCat.Online! UniCat.Online is a shell software for viewing catalogues which you may create on your own. Yes, indeed! You may create a catalogue for your products (or services) quite easily and absolutely for free, and then you and your customers will be able to view it using this application.
UniCat.Online application for viewing catalogues is like a reader app for reading books, with only catalogues of products or services accessed instead of the books. Easy to create, easy to use! One application to view an unlimited number of catalogues!

Still have any doubts? Still hesitate? While you think it over again, your competitors might already use it! Be the first one, don't be late! Download UniCat.Online app, go to the customer service website www.unicat.online and learn how to create your own catalogue of products or services for iPad or iPhone for free. In case of any questions on the creation of catalogues or the application itself, please feel free to ask them on the customer service website or send them to the e-mail: help@unicat.online