Unicat.Online - the application for your catalogs


Your catalogue of products or services in the form of an iPad and iPhone application.

 Easy. Simple. Convenient. Free.

Let us specify only some of the main advantages of the application to display catalogues - UniCat.Online:
1. Easy to create. The database with the catalogue of your products or services is extremely easy to create. Even a schoolboy is able to deal with it. The website contains the detailed instructions on creating your database for the catalogue: How to create a catalogue
2. Easy to use. Simple, convenient, friendly application interface. The website also has the instructions on how to use the application: How to use the application
3. One application - multiple catalogues. In one application you can view an unlimited number of different catalogues. For any user it will be more convenient to view catalogues in the already familiar interface. In addition, it saves space on a device as a user does not need to download and install some separate application for each of the catalogues.
4. More convenient than a website. Some websites may be well adapted for viewing on tablets and smartphones, as well as some may not be. The application was originally built for iPad and iPhone, therefore it fits your device in the terms of convenience and quick display of information.
5. Free for all creators of catalogues. You can also create your own catalogue for the UniCat.Online application for free. You only need hosting for your files.
6. Absolutely free for users. UniCat.Online app you can be downloaded for free and used for an unlimited time, everything is free. Sometimes you will see some ads in the application. If you want, you can disable it for a long period for a small fee or you may continue to use the application for free.
7. Multiple languages. At the moment the application supports multiple languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese. For your convenience you can even set the language of the application that is different from the language of the operation system, installed on your device (tablet or smartphone). ATTENTION! Change of the language is only applicable to the menu, service fields and messages of the application. All descriptions of products, groups, trademarks and collections remain in that language, in which they were added to the database by the creator of the particular catalogue.
8. Confidentiality. Do you want to present your business partner a confidential commercial offer for some particular products or services at special prices? Send him or her the link to the database, created specially for him/her. In contrast to the website, where anyone can see the database, this special link will be known only to your partner.
9. You can create an infinite number of catalogues for the application, there are no any restrictions.
10. There can be any number of goods, groups of goods, trademarks, collections in any catalogue. There are no limits.
11. You can easily make changes to the already created database.
12. There is a free technical support for users and creators of all catalogues on the http://unicat.online website.
13. Directly from the application any user is able to send a request on the availability of the desired products or services.
14. The application works on the online basis. You have added some new products to the database of the catalogue - your users can immediately see these new items in the application.
15. Application has the advanced filter by the parameters of the products with an ability to select multiple options (a user may select multiple values of the same parameter for the search).
16. There are no similar applications on the moment our application was first published in AppStore (August, 2016).
Have any questions? Please write them here, and we will try to answer them as soon as possibe: help@unicat.online



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