Unicat.Online - the application for your catalogs


Your catalogue of products or services in the form of an iPad and iPhone application.

 Easy. Simple. Convenient. Free.

UniCat.Online is a free application to display catalogues of any products and services. Moreover, the catalogue for this application can be easily created by any person possessing a minimum level of computer literacy. The whole creation process is completely free. UniCat.Online is like a book reader, using which you are able to read any number of books. The same is true for UniCat.Online, in our case the application allows to view catalogues of various products and services in a convenient format. You are the one, who creates these catalogues!
Do you want to have the catalogue of your own products and services in the form of an application for iPad and iPhone?
Do you think this will be to expensive and complicated? If yes, you are wrong! You almost have it! Totally free for your and forever! Of course, this is true.
The only thing you need is just to fill in several table files, which make up the database for the catalogue, with your products (or service), add their photos and descriptions, input characteristics and parameters for each position (there can be maximum 17 ones, and 13 of them you may choose arbitrary), by which the search and filter in the catalogue will operate.

What is it

Locate these files of your database into a separate folder on any hosting, so that they are available by a DIRECT link (this is important!). Next sent the link to UniCat.Online application in AppStore to your clients:


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And also provide them with the link to the folder with files, where your database of products and services is located, so that they could download it into this application. And...


And that's all! That easy? Yes! For free? Yes! Really free? Sure! Do you want to try and create your own catalogue?


This page has a detailed description of how to create your database for the catalogue:
How to create your own catalogue
And this one contains the detailed description on how to use the application itself:
How to use the application
there are examples of databases for the Unicat.Online application:
If you have any questions regarding the creation of database or catalogue usage, please do not hesitate to contact us at:
You may also find this e-mail address on our contacts page:


P.S. One of the most popular and interesting web resources on the Russian Internet devoted to everything that is connected with the Apple company published the overview about the UniCat.Online application: